GDM is a banner creation station!

Banners are a great option for those events or businesses that need a depiction of a larger scale. GDM has the ability to do banner creation and printing for you.

banner creation

When doing banner creation, GDM can make banners of multiple different sizes starting from 12in by 12in to 8ft by 100ft. Some jobs may require even larger banners, which we do also provide. This is known as extreme printing. Extreme printing can go as large as 16ft by 150ft.

Indoor Banners

GDM created a banner for Americas First Medical Marijuana Farmers Market.

The Inland Empire Health and Wellness Center contacted us about creating a banner for their Farmers’ Market. They told us it would be America’s First Medical Marijuana Farmers’ Market. Certainly a concept that interested us, thus we were gladly willing to do the work. Our team went over with them our different indoor banner options (even though it was a farmers’ market, it was still required to be within the building of the Health and Wellness Center). Below is the information we reviewed with them.

banner creation

If doing Indoor Printing, we offer two different forms of stock types.

The first is called 10 mil premium vinyl and is generally used for single-sided full-color banners.

  10 mil premium vinyl: minimum size: 12 x 12maximum size: 120 x 59(10 feet by 4.9 feet)The second option we have is known as 15 mil blackout vinyl. Double-sided banners can only be done with this option, not with the 10 mil premium vinyl.

  15 mil blackout vinyl: Available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 36 x 24 to 96Indoor printing is most commonly used for events such as trade shows to display promotional information or for informational signage at medical centers. It’s also seen used as enter/exit signs at bigger occasions like seminars, and also as POP displays like below.

banner creation

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners are ideal for billboards, building wraps, trade show signage, etc. Full Color Outdoor Banners are durable and ultra versatile. perfect for anything outside. All of our outdoor banner creation color options are available in two stock types. We have 13oz scrim vinyl and 8oz mesh. Both options are waterproof and great for either indoor or outdoor events. However, the 8oz mesh banners have 37% more air-flow, making them the better choice for outdoors. Here’s our sizing options for both.

In increments of 6 inches on 13mil Scrim Vinyl (Matte), available in a wide variety of sizes including a minimum of 12 inches x 12 inches, maximum of 192 inches x 1800 inches (16 feet x 150 feet)

banner creation

  In increments of 6 inches on 8oz Mesh, available in a wide variety of sizes including a minimum of 12 inches x 12 inches, maximum of 120 inches x 360 inches (10 feet x 30 feet)

There are also three different options for banner stands.

The options we offer are Aluminum Retractable Banner Stands. These stands are for use with 10 mil Indoor Banners. The next option is the Economy Collapsible Banner Stands. These are for use with 10 mil Indoor Banners and 13 oz Outdoor Banners. The third is the Deluxe Banner Stands. Simply for use with our 10 mil Indoor Banners. However, we do offer other installation options. We can do ring hooks, stands, and even rope ties.

Inland Empire Health and Wellness Center Banner Creation

We took the concept of the famous painting, American Gothic and updated it to make it more Marijuana-themed. Famers with Marijuana — exactly what they were looking for! And because they loved it so much, they approved the first proof. We worked quickly and certainly ate our veggies for dinner!

America’s First Medical Marijuana Farmer’s Market was, as mentioned before, created for the indoors. However, they did not opt to have a banner stand. Instead, they requested to have their banner hung on ring hooks. It was a simple installation for this reason and their banner was up in no time. They absolutely loved the final result and hang it with pride on their wall. You can go check out the first legal marijuana farmers market in America in California. They’re located at 647 Main St, St 2A in Riverside, CA 92501. We are willing to work with more nearby out-of-state clients.

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