Our Green Initiative

   At Graphics Design Media, we aim to be an eco-friendly company.


In a day and age when the environment is begging to be cared for, it is important for companies to switch to more eco-friendly processes. Here at GDM, we put energy everyday towards being more Green. Being environmentally conscious is highly important to us! Our initiative to be more green is sparked by our love, and need, for the environment. Clients fuel our company, but the environment is what fuels us.

To think, it’s in the ink…

Many printing companies utilize what is known as petroleum-based ink. That is the traditional method of printing. However, using petroleum-based ink is damaging to the earth. Not only that, but it doesn’t allow for brighter colors to be printed. This is due to its high content of darker chemicals. The colors are overall less vibrant and clear. Nothing about that sounds good to us.
As such, GDM refuses to print using petroleum-based ink. We opt for soy-oil based inks instead. Soy ink is a safe and environmentally friendly ink because of its simple compounds. The simple compounds means there is little energy usage to create the ink. Thus, making it more efficient altogether. Being easily removed from paper is another of its advantages. Removability is incredibly helpful in paper recycling. Mistakes do not need to be trashed. Instead, they only need to be removed and redone.

Not gloating, but it’s also in the coating…


GDM’s coatings consist of little to no traces of volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs are harmful components that damage the atmosphere and surrounding environments. Other companies often use impregnated washing systems. These are used for press rollers and blankets and consist of minute traces of VOCs. That’s no good. Thankfully, we use fountain solutions. These are free of/reduced of VOC solutions. Our company does its very best to recycle all solutions and remove hazardous waste. We don’t want any of it to get into the natural environment! We take care of our planet. Graphics Design Media uses only alcohol substitutes as well. Basically, our coating is as eco-friendly as possible.

GDMs Greenness doesn’t taper with its paper…

Of course an essential ingredient in the print industry is paper. Graphics Design Media utilizes paper that is produced specifically for paper-making. It is not produced from illegally deforested trees. On top of that, we are careful to recycle as much paper as humanly possible. Altogether, our paper practices are incredibly clean and green.

Graphics Design Media seeks to be a reminder of the importance of environmental awareness and being eco-friendly.


Our environment needs us more and more everyday! We are on a mission to use the least polluting materials and practices in printing, however difficult it may be. Earth is always on our minds, much like our customers. You can read about a job we did for West Coast Chill event’s trashcans. GDM happily works on any project to help mother earth… Because we simply love Earth.

Contact us today for a free quote on your printing job at (909)538-0938. Go Green with us!