Because they admired previous work of ours, an employee of Evolution Travel was quick to select Graphics Design Media to do his business card design and printing.

business card design

These were particularly fun business cards for us to design as they challenged our graphic design team. GDM had to construct a business card design that could really go the distance. We used extreme detail and creative skill to create custom cards for the travel agent. Due to this, the cards came out flawlessly. 

Evolution Travel is an agency that provides predesigned business card templates for its employees to choose from. However, a particular employee wanted to stand out from the crowd and have a custom designed business card instead. That’s where we came into play! He contacted us and we immediately went to work.

Above is the final product of the template we designed for the agent. Like most of our business cards, we applied a UV coating. This guarantees a longer lasting card.

Being very pleased with the work, he requested that we also print and deliver the business cards for him.

business card design

In a short period, the business cards were designed, printed, and delivered. Yet another happy customer!

A fellow agent from the sister agency located in Southern California was also impressed with the card. She contacted us and we used the template we designed a second time. Because she loved our original design so much, we simply switched out the name and contact information. In no time, she had her business cards in her hand.

If you would like us to design, print, and/or deliver your business cards, contact us today. We are available at any time by e-mail at Also feel free to contact us by phone at (909)538-0938. Graphics Design Media is glad to work with you on just about any project.