LV Goddesses, a performance entertainment company that was a start-up at that time, was searching for a graphic design team that could design their dream company logo design. That’s when they came upon Graphics Design Media…
The owner of LV Goddesses went the extra mile for her business, joining us in our studio to design the perfect logo. GDM happily accommodates for in-person, hands-on clients that want to be a true part of the process. Making a company logo is no easy feat, and many business owners prefer to have a say in its outcome.

Being an entertainment company that primarily consists of female dancers, we wanted their logo to centralize around that concept. GDM worked hours with LV Goddesses’ owner; bouncing ideas around, testing colors, and designing new fonts.

logo design

They wanted the perfect logo, and we did, too. In a day’s time, we agreed upon a logo and had a smiling client.

Due to our habit of diligence, we went to finish up the logo the following day. Our graphics design team worked meticulously to make the logo really shine. Sharpened lines, shadowing, and fixed colorization later, and we were able to e-mail the final logo to LV Goddesses that same evening. Talk about a happy customer! Needless to say, LV Goddesses is no longer just a start-up. With company logo in tow, they’ve succeeded in excelling and are furthering their business everyday.

Because LV Goddesses’ owner was so pleased with the logo design, she decided to use the logo, and GDM, for her promotional stickers later on.

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