promotional sticker
Example of promotional stickers.

Combining a business card with a sticker design is what is what we call a promotional sticker.

A promotional sticker contains any and all business or event information of the client’s choice. The sticker generally has a logo, social media information, a snippet on the business/event, and contact information.  The stickers can be placed on almost any material and therefore, just about anywhere in town! The public will see the sticker and hopefully this leads to their research on the business or event being promoted.

Hot Box the Planet had a logo, butΒ needed to promote their business further. A promotional sticker was the perfect way for them to do so!

The owner of Hot Box the Planet, a glass company, contacted us about creating their promotional sticker. We were given the logo, but had total control of the sticker design. Graphics Design Media suggested that they include their main social media and online store information on the stickers. After agreeing, we stepped into the hazy, crazy task of graphic design.

promotional sticker

Promotional sticker design for Hot Box the Planet

Crisped edges and color matching later, it was time to incorporate the logo into the design. Because the logo was perfect, creating the design itself went smoothly and quickly. Then, it was on to printing!

As always in printing, the client is given a choice of what style of sticker they would like to use.
Hot Box the Planet chose what is known as 7 ml vinyl full color, one-sided crack and peel. To learn more about the crack and peel method, check out our design print work for SMVSH BROZ.

The entire front side of the sticker is coated with gloss and a UV protection. The sticker will both shine and last in the sun, certain to catch the eye of anyone who sees it.

Lastly, we got the promotional stickers delivered so that Hot Box the Planet could spread the knowledge of their company around the planet!

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