There are many businesses that have a preexisting design for their product or advertisement, but are looking to update it.  Graphics Design Media has the team to take on the task of redesign. 


Redesigning is an entirely different beast from making an original design. This is due to having to take a completed design, ofttimes someone else’s work, and build upon or utilize it to create something different and/or better. To redesign anything is truly a challenge, but happens more frequently than a business owner might initially realize.  For example, an up-an-coming rock band made their own logo, but were inexperienced designers. Now they want to recreate the logo to make it really pop. Or perhaps a restaurant has a predesigned menu, made when the restaurant first opened, but now they want to spice it up. Such was the case for Sofia’s Pizza and Deli.

After having been open successfully for a good amount of time, the owner of Sofia’s Pizza and Deli began looking into graphic designers to update their menu.

The menu they had at the time certainly got the job done, but was chalk-full of nothing but words and numbers. Which generally speaking is all a menu needs. However, with such an extensive menu as theirs, making the menu organized, exciting, and easy-to-read is vital. Sofia’s owner came upon GDM in their quest to find a graphic design team that could do exactly that. They contacted us and we gladly took up the challenge. We got a copy of their menu at the time, went over with them the price changes and menu edits, and immediately went to work.

In a short period, their new, updated menu was complete. Sofia’s loved the redesign, they felt we really cooked them up something nice.

Like many of our design and redesign jobs, we also completed the printing job. It was a rush printing order that we completed for them faster than you can say stromboli!

The menu is a fold open, four page, double-sided booklet. It has full color and is UV coated.  There are multiple kinds of printing we provide and we are always happy to discuss printing times and prices with our clients. Call us at (909)538-0938 to discuss them.

Check out Sofia’s Pizza and Deli today to take a peek at our work, and enjoy some delicious foods while you’re at! They’re located at 7365 W Sahara Ave, Unit A, Las Vegas, NV 89117. They’ve got everything from pizza to Philly steaks. Surely something for every craving.

To get a free quote on redesigning, contact GDM today. We can be reached by phone at (909)538-0938 or by e-mail at