After being so satisfied with the logo design we created for them, the owner of SMVSH BROZ decided to hire us for their sticker design and printing, too!

sticker design

He recognized our skill to utilize and combine artistic skills with marketing knowledge once we gave him their new logo. Due to this, he requested to have us create SMVSH BROZ’s entire sticker design as well. Following the creation of the logo for him, the company’s owner said it was free reign with the sticker design. So begins the difficult but exciting process of graphic design…

Being a light, sound, and production company, we knew we had to incorporate the concept of lighting into the design. And because their work is so good that it’s out of this world, we decided to add a spaceship/portal-type feel to the design. With hours of work, some fine touches and special effects, the design was complete. Like all of our clients, SMVSH BROZ loved the final product!

sticker design

Printing the stickers was the next and last part of the job. When it comes to printing stickers, there are multiples kinds of sizes, shapes, and styles of peeling. Graphics Design Media will always make sure to discuss these many options with the client. We want you to be given every option so as to benefit your company to its fullest.

SMVSH BROZ chose what we consider one of the best sticker-printing options, the 8ml crack and peel method. It is truly spectacular for easy peeling and application, too.

When using 8ml crack & peel, the sticker will peel off similar to a band-aid.

sticker design

If the sticker is bent horizontally, it will crack along a perforation on the back. Doing this reveals the ability to peel it off into two pieces. At that point, it can then be removed from the paper and easily applied to almost any surface! Not only will it stick to nearly any material, the UV coating we apply guarantees it will last in the sun (UV coating optional). Now that SMVSH BROZ was in love with both the design and printing choice, it was time to get the products to them.

The owner asked if we could possibly rush the printing.

Thankfully, rush printing is an option that we do offer for our client’s convenience. Getting the product to you and your business is just as vital as creating it! Graphics Design Media guarantees timely, professional, and quality business practices. The owner of SMVSH BROZ got to experience this array of service first-hand. When the final product was designed, printed, and delivered all more than a week before the short deadline, he was overjoyed.

The stickers are just as awesome as the logo, thank you so much! Getting these printed in a hurry is also very appreciated. – SMVSH BROZ

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