When there’s a sticker printing job in need, Graphics Design Media is a friend indeed! Our team was recently contacted by the social media personality VIIX BHOMBERZ. Known for his fun and zany antics online, it was just as fun working with him as it was watching him. He needed some promotional stickers printed for himself, and knew just who to go to. GDM had been recommended to him by a number of people and he’d gotten to see our work in person before. Thus, there was no question who he needed to print and cut his stickers. 

Sticking aROUND…

Oftentimes, clients ask for square stickers, the most common shape of course being rectangular. However, VIIX already knew he wanted brawny, round stickers that made a statement. With bright yellow coloring and black to contrast it, the sticker really “sticks out.” It can be seen from a distance and even at night with just a shimmer of starlight! Of course, it helps that the stickers are coated with a UV gloss. This means they’re very reflective and won’t fade in the sunlight. Not to mention, the reflective coating is eye-catching.

After being quoted for printing and cutting his stickers, VIIX was excited to have GDM do the work. Our team immediately went into action getting the desired image ready for existence in sticker form. In no time at all, the stickers were printed and cut into their beautiful round shape, bright colors displayed boldly. They were everything VIIX BHOMBERZ was hoping for.Upon receiving the stickers, he was “stoked!” and so were we. Another great job done and another happy customer! THAT is everything that the team here at Graphics Design Media could hope for.

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