Vinyl Windows for A Gamer’s Paradise

When Graphics Design Media was approached with the task of designing, printing, and installing vinyl windows for A Gamer’s Paradise’s storefront, we gladly took on the challenge. We know our vinyl windows are certainly next level. We said game on! to the job for the retro gaming store, A Gamer’s Paradise. Later on, having been very happy with the work, the owner of the store requested our services a second time for their card store.

We are experts in our processes of design, print, and installation.

The goal of our artists when it comes to designing graphics is more than to create something unique, but to create something eye-catching that also allows for any and all passersby to know what is within the store. In the case of A Gamer’s Paradise, of course video games is the focus. To us, that meant making games the center of interest was important for the storefront’s vinyl windows. We want your business to be just as successful as you do, and we believe we can help that along with our incredible designers/artists. Here is a before and after of what another company had done versus what we provided with our graphic design talents.

After getting a thumbs-up on design, we move onto the next level printing!

In printing, like oftentimes in gaming, getting the task done quickly and efficiently is key. For us at Graphics Design Media, offering competitive pricing is also key. Being able to extend services of excellent, fast printing while remaining fairly priced is of great importance to us, just as you and your business are! We can print on multiple types of material including card stock, metal, etc.

In the case of A Gamer’s Paradise, we printed 70/30 perf window vinyl for their storefront glass windows. Many businesses prefer to use this method of printing. This is because it prevents visibility from the outside looking in. However, from within the store though, the vinyl works as tint and the outdoors can still be perceived clearly. Perfect for security! Not to mention, everyone inside can appreciate the UV coating we applied. We also added a lamination to the vinyl that protects it from wear and tear of the elements.

The last and final step in the process is the installation. We use precise measurements and tools to ensure the vinyl windows have flawless installation. Having great hand-eye coordination (from many years of gaming ourselves, of course) works in our favor every time. Graphics Design Media is here to not just wow you, but anyone who happens to see your business, so perfection means a lot to us. We want to create a storefront that duals as an advertisement and a piece of art, something everyone can be proud of. You can see for yourself how dedicated we are to making only happy customers!

Here’s some photos of the installation process…

  • vinyl windows
  • vinyl windows

Check Out A Gamer’s Paradise

Located @ 4079 Spring Mountain Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89102. Their new location has different graphics, but you should still peek at the shop.

If you’re into games, you have to check out this store! It’s at capacity with old school games and gaming systems, even consoles dating back before Atari and has many arcade games available to play. It also doubles as a repair shop for all your gaming needs, it’s awesome. A Gamer’s Paradise is easily the coolest game store in town (with the coolest vinyl windows storefront, too)!