Graphics Design Media is currently undergoing the process of updating and revamping its websites; hosting, design, and security. Updates will be done soon!

All of our client sites and our Wordpress driven sites are getting these updates.

Once completed, each and every one of our websites will contain all of the best hosting material and add-ons. They will be clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. Our team is always working hard to support all types of businesses in both their online and media presence.

These updates will make our clients’ websites even better!

Graphics Design Media is entering the future and bringing its clients with it! As a result of these efforts, your web site will be fresh, quick, and secure. They will also still be easy to use and full of function. We put forth maximum effort to maintain modern web-hosting for our clients. Easy website navigation and usage for your customers is something our team always keeps in mind when designing websites, too. The Mojave Desert Honey Co. is a current website completed by our wonderful Graphics Design Media team.

Furthermore, we will be remaining in constant contact with clients. Though we may be hard at work, because we care, we are always available to you. Please contact us at any time with any questions, comments or concerns. We want you to be happy with more than just your website. GDM wants you to be happy with our customer care services, too!

Here is what we plan to do in the next year outside of updating websites:

  • Work diligently on creating a marketing strategy for all of our current and potential customers.
  • Add onto our client’s services which includes social and media marketing.
  • Develop pricing packages for our web design services that can to view at any time.
  • Transfer to a more reliable web server and hosting account.
  • Provide SSL Certificates as a mandatory product for web packages.
  • Focus on security and reliability for all of our web hosting clients.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! – GDM Team