When it comes to vinyl stickers, Graphics Design Media are experts!

vinyl stickers

We can print, cut, and deliver vinyl stickers in a wide array of colors and sizes. Any of our graphic designers will be happy to go over all of our different options with you. When working with single-sided and single-color stickers, we offer discounted prices! Due to this, many business choose us for their more simple projects.

Terpreserver decided to take advantage of our awesome deals, asking if we could print 200 vinyl stickers for some of their product branding.

Working with 1:0 (meaning one-sided and one-color) ultimately means that the project is done in a short time. We were given the logo, so printing was fast and easy. They wanted the stickers printed in two colors; simple white and black, 100 of each. Within a day, we had all 200 of the requested vinyl stickers printed. After initially printing the stickers, they are printed as a solid block with a soft-pressed outline of each individual letters. This is where having steady, skilled, and careful hands comes into play…

Each letter must be cut out independently, one-by-one, to ensure every detail is perfect.

We work meticulously to ensure that that are no mistakes. Graphics Design Media is a team of perfectionists that want nothing more than to create perfection!

Using vinyl stickers for product branding is becoming a popular choice among businesses

vinyl stickers

It looks clean and professional, and is one of the more modern. In addition, it is quite an artsy way of branding a product. Also, many people prefer using a sticker rather than direct ink. This is due to removal purposes. The product can be designed and redesigned that way.

Being an E-Nail company, Terpreserver used their vinyl stickers on their E-Nails for everyone to see.

Terpreserver called us soon after their initial order to work with us a second time around.

Working with the company on the second occasion was nothing but a pleasant experience. Much like the first involvement with them, we completed the work in a speedy but flawless manner. The only difference that existed had been in the color choices for printing. Because of this, they had their products in their hand in four short days. That’s from the time of order to delivery of the final product! This time, they asked for 100 white and 100 red stickers. Of course, they came out perfect!

Interested in having Graphics Design Media print, cut, and/or deliver your vinyl stickers? Contact us today! (909)538-0938 or info@graphicsdesignmedia.com. We offer free quotes at any time.