website creation

Here at the Graphics Design Media studio, we’ve been busy building websites! Creating an online presence for other businesses has been at the forefront of our own business these last few months. The GDM team has been dedicating much of its time to constructing websites that are interactive, appealing, and informational. Our own site was down indefinitely due to server issues, but that didn’t stop us from making sites for clients in need! Website creation is complicated but worth it every time!

Websites take time and skill…

One such client was a gentleman starting his own honey and honey products company. His products were ready to sell, but he was having trouble making sales. Not because of poor sales skills or a bad product, but because without a website, it’s difficult to get your brand out there. In today’s day and age, almost every company needs a website in order to truly thrive. That’s where we step in! Every website we create is guaranteed to boost sales. It provides a worldwide presence for your business. Going from local sales to global sales is a big jump, but we are here to make the jump easy for you. And that’s what we did for the Mojave Desert Honey Co.

website creation

He was kind enough to let our team sample his different merchandise. The entire team was impressed by both the flavor and effectiveness of the honey products! Many of his items were infused with CBD, making them great for pain relief.

We wanted to make sure that the website we built for him stuck to the theme of bees and honey. And was at least half as amazing as his products.
Design, color, and interactiveness were key. Our team always makes creative, fun websites as well.  

Website Creation for Clean Lean

website creation

Another amazing company that we’ve been working with is Clean Lean. This is a group of individuals who have sought out to make the world a happier, healthier, pharmaceutical-free place. They’ve done so by making a delicious drink additive that boosts energy and relieves pain. Not to mention the fact that there’s only 15 ingredients, and each one of them is 100% natural! Now that’s the kind of stuff we think is great. We were blessed to have the chance to try Clean Lean and can confirm its greatness. You can see what work we’ve done and what the product is all about at