Vinyl Wrap for Westcoast Chill Energy Drink’s Trash Cans

Westcoast Chill Energy Drink needed their event to have a little more branding with their logos on places normally not seen with graphics. They wanted to put something ordinary (their logo) on something out of the ordinary. A unique project, which we happen to specialize at. Our solution was to place Vinyl Wrap on randomly placed trash cans throughout the event. They loved the idea!

We started by designing and printing these Graphics on Car Vinyl Wrap Vinyl. We then applied the car vinyl wrap to each side of the trashcans. Carefully pressing the wrap onto each individual trashcan, we aimed for and achieved a perfect installation. To complete the project, we chose to paint the trashcan tops black to match the rest of the cans. As a result of our efforts, Westcoast Chill Energy Drink was highly impressed with the final product. From initial idea to finished product, they were happy customers.


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